Best Website Builders Reviews 2017

Creating a professional website has become a necessity for the business organization due to the increased utilization of the internet. If I tell you that developing a basic website is very simple, I know you will not believe me. However, in this age of technology, you do not need the technical skills for website development.

There are special website builders available in the market that will allow you to easily develop your own web page. Here we have the list of top website builders that you should consider.


The website builder is easy to use, reliable and professional. The website editor is very innovative and the platform is user-friendly. There are many template options available and they are easy to customize. The uptime and load time of the platform is good and it is available at affordable rate.


  • One email account and domain name is free
  • You can select from the 1200 templates available
  • The templates are modern that will allow you to keep your site up to date
  • You have to pay $4.99 per month
  • You will get the ability to build your blog with the Save and History feature


  • For the e-commerce site, you have to select the business account that is expensive
  • It often takes 3 hours to activate the account


If you are looking for an easy to use platform than Wix will be your go-to website builder. It is the best option due to the amazing template options available. The email costs and the upsells might irritate you at some point. You have to make a good earning in order to maintain your account on Wix.


  • It is perfect for freelancers and small business owners
  • Wix has around 300 templates
  • It has a very simple user interface.
  • Wix is a flexible platform, it means that you can easily customize your site and update it whenever you prefer.
  • Instant signup and activation
  • It is an ad-free platform with the most affordable package of $9.25 per month
  • The load time is fast and there is minor downtime which makes it very reliable.


  • If you are planning to create the online store you will have to access the expensive packages that start from $17.70
  • You will have to pay $5 extra for every email account you register.


This website builder is a good option for the photographers, especially those who are planning to upload tons of images on their site. The platform looks perfect but you might find it expensive if you are on a tight budget.

To make the templates look their best you will need the help of the designer or a photographer.


  • It has a variety of 40 modern templates that have the best quality design and every design is unique, beautiful and contemporary
  • The privacy and domain name are free
  • Use Squarespace to create an e-commerce store, website or blog.
  • Uptime and page loading time is decent
  • Squarespace has instant account signup and activation


  • For the fully loaded site, you will have to pay $18 per month
  • If you are using the website builder for the first time, you might find it hard to edit the themes
  • It is only good for the people that are in the visual business
  • You will have to pay extra $5 for every email account


It is the most straightforward and cheapest website builder that you will find. It has been developed with some of the latest features that you will not find on the other platforms. The platform is very flexible, however; the learning curve is too steep, which might cause issues for the beginners. The biggest attraction is that the extra emails and domains are free. The platform is highly customizable.


  • It has the largest template database. There are 3000 high-quality themes available. It means you can easily customize your website.
  • It runs on WordPress and it means that once you have mastered the platform there are numerous customization options that will make it easier to develop your website.
  • You will have to pay $4.17 per month without any hidden costs
  • From the standard websites to the e-commerce stores the Boldgrid will allow you to create anything you like
  • Boldgrid will provide you with the unlimited email accounts, free domain names, and the features to set your online store
  • It has everything you need


  • Boldgrid has the biggest learning curve that you will ever find out. It will take some time to master the features.
  • It takes 2 hours to sign up and activate the account


It is one of the most famous and commonly used website builders with some of the innovations features and options. The templates and themes, on the other hand, are average.

You will have to pay extra for every email account that you would like to register, which makes it expensive. Once you sign up you will have to deal with the regular up sell that often makes it difficult to use the account.


  • You will have to pay $12 per month for the regular services and site building
  • The email is free
  • Sign up and activate are quick
  • You will get the drag and drop customization options with Weebly that makes it easy to build the website.
  • You can easily change the basic and limited elements and add text and images within few seconds.


  • Weebly has 80 themes and most of them are average
  • You will have to pay $24 per month if you are planning to have an online store with more than 25 products

Now you have the comparison of the best website building platforms. Select the website builder that will meet your requirements and budget in the best way. There are more website builders out there and you can check a full and professional review of them as well as comparison table on


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